Lady Oscar is one of the most recognizable characters on television. Ryoko Ikeda's magnum opus depopulated around the world, not just in Japan, and will still be remembered many years later. It was not for nothing that an event was announced for Lady Oscar's 50th birthday that not only included a few simple exhibitions.

The roses of Versailles will continue to sting in the Lady Oscar film. In the meantime, however, the various celebrations in Japan continue, one of them in Osaka. A themed exhibition is being held in the city of Kansai, centered on a very special object. In fact, for those who take part in the exhibition, there is the possibility of acquiring a model of the royal tiara of Marie Antoinettethe Queen by Lady Oscar.

Obviously, the price is not cheap: 100 million yen, that's the equivalent of around 700,000 euros, of course without taxes. The tiara is not a simple piece as it is a model based on historical tiaras from the 28th century. In fact, there are many features that replicate the crowns of the time, such as the ability to detach and swap the jewels. In addition, it is made of diamonds totaling 10.21 carats and set with 17 pearls of different sizes. The red pendant in the center is instead an 83.12 carat gemstone, a granite rhodolite.

there Lady Oscar tiara, which you can see in the image below, was designed by Yuko Yagi, while the creation was the work of Hiromasa Tanaka, which took a good year to prepare. If you are determined not to buy it, you can definitely view it at the Hankyu Umeda Gallery in Osaka at a much lower price until December 12th.

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