The editorial office Kodansha reported that the manga was written and illustrated by Panyakawa, Doujima-kun wa doujinai (Doujima-kun is not disturbed), will come to an end within five chapters within the sales service Magazine pouch. At first glance, you might think that this is a manga that has simply reached its final stage, but that's not the case.

This manga has been appearing in Japan since August 2020 and published its first compilation volume on April 9, followed by the second on July 9. Again, the manga is not in its final phase, but has been discontinued. This was communicated by the author through his official Twitter account, where he wrote the following message:

«“Doujima-kun wa Doujinai” will end in chapter 32. I would like to apologize to all readers who are always waiting for each new chapter, I am very sorry. This story will only continue for two or three more volumes. I would have liked to continue drawing it, but had to finish it early due to my lack of skill and effort. I am so sorry. When things settle down I hope to be able to follow it on twitter actually I hope it can be done in the future».

Synopsis of Doujima-kun wa Doujinai

“Dojima, who is sitting next to me, always has a blank expression on his face. He seems very serious, but he has to be thinking erotic things in his head, right? This and that and then that would happen ... and me? Nerd! Of course I don't think so! Fool!. Why am I always the one who gets humiliated? "The beginning of a romantic comedy about a cool boy and little girl (on high) getting angry and banging each other all the time!

Source: Official Twitter account

© ぱ ん や か わ (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社

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