Coach Ash Ketcum’s most memorable accomplishment to date is winning the Alola Region Tournament at the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon. This made the historical protagonist particularly known in the vast world of portable monsters, as anticipated in the images of the next episode of Pokémon exploration.

Engaged in the mission inherent in the Mew project with his friend Goh and constantly focused on Advance in the rankings of the Pokémon World ChampionshipAsh found himself in the Alola Archipelago, where he starred in a funny comic interlude. As you can see from the pictures of the last episode at the bottom of the page, the popularity of the young Ketchum made two boys approach him and asked to take a picture in perfect aloic style.

Although he is nicely represented most of the time, this moment could be very relevant to the career of Biancavilla’s coach. Recognized as a celebrity in the Pokémon world after 23 years within the same cartoon series. After the numerous and significant defeats that have accumulated over the years, it seems that a path of vengeance has opened up for young Ash, an aspect that could positively influence the journey of the two protagonists, and maybe make him be the best.

Finally, remember that after 11 years, a historic rival of Ash is back in the final episode, and we’re leaving you to a spectacular cosplay of Jesse from Team Rocket.

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