Tatsuki Fujimoto, author of Chainsaw Man, is back with a new story, completely original and far from the dangerous universe of Denji. Look back, now available on the website and in the Manga Plus application, is a sensitive, dramatic, totally plausible story that unfolds in 145 tables that are sure to engage and surprise readers.

Look Back's tones are very different from those used by Fujimoto in the series that made it famous, and this helped make it a pleasant surprise. The protagonist of the story is Ayumu Fujino, elementary school student, with a special talent for drawing. Despite her incredible talent, Fujino realizes that she is not the best. One day she actually discovered him while reading the school newspaper, in which she published little comic curtains herself extraordinary drawings by Kyomoto, his classmate who is constantly absent from school.

Fujino understands how fundamental consistency is. So start buying Manuals and books that explain how to draw and perfect your technique, and spends two years drawing every day. After graduation, the professor responsible for her section asks her to bring the parchment to Kyomoto and also gives her the address.

The protagonist agrees, albeit reluctantly, to go to her partner whom she has never met before. When he got there, he didn't get an answer, so he decided to enter anyway. When he turns around, he finds a hallway full of drawings and at the end a closed door. Receiving complete silence in response, Fujino instinctively draws something Comic cartoons about this situation.

But as it happens, this leaf lands right under the door and arrives in Kyomoto's room. This bizarre event will score points the birth of a great friendship. The two become promising writers by doing several manga together, but they will also have to and have to face life's classic problems important decisions for their future.

Remember that Power by Chainsaw Man received a faithful cosplay, and we will let you discover the title of the horror film that inspired Fujimoto for the series.

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