The intense battle between Noelle and Vanica has taken to an entirely different level with the intervention of Megicula, a powerful demoness hosted by Zogratis who has also taken control of Lolopecha. Despite her disadvantage, Noelle doesn't give up, and in Chapter 300, now on Manga Plus, she showed the tenacity that sets people apart.

The chapter begins with Megicula recognizing the extraordinary power of Gaja's attack. The guardian managed to block the princess, launch an extreme attack on the demon and even destroy part of the spell Decadent world that surrounds the whole area. However, Gaja sustained significant damage and may not survive the severe injuries to her entire body.

Megicula declares that her body is protected from a curse that guarantees very quick regeneration, and continues to affirm his superiority in power over the young Noelle, who is deeply shaken and worried by the events. Knowing that Noelle is the only one left, Noelle calls Undine and receives a desperate silence for an answer she relies on again from Valkyrie.

The opponent is amused by this reaction and admits that, unlike humans, the demons accept obvious defeat and do not react against those who are superior to them. Tabata manages once again to create pathos by realizing a splendid table where Noelle's thoughts intersect, with the girl's responses to Megicula's provocations.

Noelle looks the antagonist straight in the eyes with all her might and screams: "Our strength lies in never giving up!". Megicula seems amused and promises to blow up Lolopecha and kill all the men in the castle. In no time, however, the princess is saved and we see her again at the final table in Asta's arms. The protagonist has arrived on the battlefield, and now the Black Bull can really hope to make it.

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