My Hero Academia Episode 5x16 premiered on Crunchyroll on Saturday July 17th and told an original story written directly by the anime team. The episode in question featured Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Nejire Hado doing their internship at the Ryukyu and Selkie agencies, and Horikoshi paid homage to the pen with a beautiful sketch.

Below you can see the author's sketch, in which you can see the two students from 1-A together with Nejire Hado, Selkie and Sirius as they take a selfie in costume. In the filler episode, Bones' boys have boys Made a scene where girls and pro heroes have fun on the beach, and the mangaka has decided to promote the episode with this cute piece of art.

My Hero Academia 5 will end with episode 25, which will be released on Saturday the 18th. it should be the second and last filler of the season. In fact, we'll see the end of the Endeavor agency's narrative arc in episodes 17 and 18, and immediately after that the My Villain Academia Arc begins with Re: Destro. The second act of the story will end in season 6, while the third and final act will begin in season 7, subject to confirmation by Bones.

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