One of the most popular souls of this schedule comes to greet you. The first season ofChainsaw Man Anime it ends with the transmission of the twelfth episode. The chainsaw man closes the accounts with the katana man. Which of the two won in the end?

In Chainsaw Man 1x11, the showdown between the Public Safety and the armed Yakuza, who previously dared to challenge Makima and his companions, has begun. The twelfth and last part of the anime series Chainsaw Man starts with it Aki cornered against the Phantom Devil, now under the command of Akane Sawatari. Thinking back to Senpai Himeno and the cigarettes shared with her, Aki manages to regain her composure and placate the phantom devil. Before she can approach Sawatari and avenge her deceased friend, Kobeni intervenes and catches the antagonist from behind.

In the meantime, Denji and power You explore the upper floors of the building where the Yakuza is hiding. As the Majin of Blood eliminates the zombies, Denji eventually comes face to face with whoever defeated him earlier.

katana man He demands that Denji apologize for his grandfather's death, but in response, Denji pulls on his chain to transform into Chainsaw Man. At the end of a brutal fight, Chainsaw Man loses the blades on his limbs and even those on his head. Denji triumphs thanks to his new ability. Having deceived the opponent, he cuts off his lower limbs with a blunt chainsaw.

Public safety has prevailed and the matter appears to have been resolved. However, when night fell Denji has a bad and recurring nightmare. What is behind this mysterious door that should never be opened?

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