Kohei Horikoshi created the perfect opportunity to solve some of the outstanding issues. The great conflict that takes place between heroes and villains became the scene of some of the most anticipated battles by fans and in Chapter 376 of My Hero Academy the flame of a new confrontation between father and son is kindled.

That sudden rejuvenation of All For One puts Endeavor to the test, which unfortunately appears in the final tables of the chapter titled "On a knife edge' and available on MangaPlus, he saw his son approaching the battlefield: toy, known as Villain Dabi. The epoch-making clash between the two Todoroki brothers was won by Shoto with one of the most devastating and spectacular attacks of the entire series, but now the hatred literally burning Dabi's body has pushed him to seek revenge on his father.

Using the portals generated by Kurogiri Dabi actually managed to get out of the area where he faced Shoto and quickly move towards it Enji who has already been put to the test by fighting All For One. Dabi somehow managed to replicate his brother's Phosphor Ultimate technique, which allows him to absorb the cold enough to unleash his own flames without suffering the devastating effects. With the flames hampering the other heroes and the numerous clones Toga creates, the villains seem to have the upper hand.

That direct confrontation between Endeavor and Dabi it could end in two ways: Dabi's murder by his father or Enji's sacrifice. Which path do you think Pro Hero Number One will choose? Tell us in the comments. Finally, we leave you with the predictions of chapter 377 of My Hero Academia and with Horikoshi's words about the end of the manga.

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