In February 2020, a new law arrived that modifies some things in the publishing world, and in particular replaces Levi Law, which regulates the discounts that can be given on books and comics. From the maximum discount of 15%, it has dropped to 5% for both physical and online shops.

In the past few months, we have therefore seen many volumes that were previously available with a 15% discount on Amazon and IBS, two portals that were extremely used at 5% for buying books and comics. In these last days of November, however, a new promotion is available that allows buying with a 15% discount on many products between Comics, comics, manga and books.

In fact, it is possible that the two e-commerce websites could exceed the 5% discount as long as the application does not arrive on new versions. For that it will be possible Buy these products at a 15% discount if they came out more than six months ago. Therefore, all volumes published before June can receive these additional discounts. Of course, watch out for reprints, as they will receive a maximum of 5% discount if they have only been published in the last few months.

We can therefore use this for Zerocalcare's Armadillo's prophecy or for the purchase of Manga as the first edition of ONE PIECE, discover or devote yourself to One-Punch Man Restoration of the works of Osamu Tezuka. Without neglecting the big names in international and national fiction.

The Discount on Amazon and IBS only seems to be available through November 30thTherefore, there is less than ten days to take advantage of this 15% discount.

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