We're used to seeing a lot of characters in black and white and in the style of a particular author. When this shines, very often the design is more bizarre and weird than realistic. ONE PIECE characters of the genre has as many as in the drawing they seem threatening, but not too threatening while in reality they would be really scary.

In order to better control territories and keep their enemies in check, emperors must inevitably be threatening. This threat is expressed, at least in large part, in their tremendous physical strength and the powers they possess. But the look certainly also plays a role. While ONE PIECE We met the four emperors, but of them Shanks and Whitebeard seemed the most docile, at least in appearance.

Ein Risottodesenhos Fanart vi will make it clear why Whitebeard is so feared. With this hyper-realistic portrayal of Whitebeard, we see what the emperor would have been like in reality: very long white mustache, huge and disproportionate chin, dark skin for the sea and with various stains, and finally a bloodshot look that has a murderous air. Now you can understand what it means for a Marine to have this man with him Naginata unlined in one hand and Gura Gura's charge in the other.

Risottodesenhos also first showed his skills on Dragon Ball and brought us a disturbing version of Majin Buu. Instead, MBrumArt brought us a very ugly but realistic oolong.

I drew Whitebeard from r / OnePiece

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