Unemployed reincarnation was certainly one of the best surprises of the winter season and immediately won over hundreds of thousands of fans thanks to Studio Bind's excellent animations. However, despite its success, many users sharply criticized the perverse nature of the protagonist and forced the author to intervene.

According to many fans, there are two main problems: the first is this Anime tends to feature sexually explicit scenesand the second is that the protagonist, a 34 year old who was reborn in a child's body, is mischievous with Roxy, an underage party mate.

Rifujin na MagonoteThe author of the series responded to the criticism with an official statement: "Lots of people don't like Rudeus' behavior, but the anime just reports what I wrote in my work. I didn't think it was right to show a total change so quickly. The protagonist is reborn in a fantasy world, but that hasn't changed him. In my series at the beginning he is 100% perverted, then slowly starts to change and becomes 80% serious. The anime doesn't show this change, so I understand that many got lost a little. When Rudeus did "the thing" with Roxy's underwear, he still didn't think about where he was, he saw people as video game characters as if they weren't real [...] Many things will change in the future, surprised protagonist! Please keep following the anime and don't get angry!".

We remind you that reincarnation of the unemployed is currently not available in Italy but, given the success in the West, it could be acquired in the future. In case you are unfamiliar with the series, we recommend checking out the first official trailer.

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