After the first defeat, the protagonists of Black clover they recovered. After the training phase, it's time to counterattack with a team of elite warriors. We've seen the power of Mereoleona, the growth of Yuno, the cursed beauty of Charlotte, and even Jack's decision.

By the end of Black Clover chapter 278, all members of the Clover Kingdom team seemed to have an advantage in every way. However, the reversals in the face also came from the side of the Kingdom of Swords, like that Spoilers from Chapter 279 of Black Clover.

Mereoleona appears to have beaten the demon while Sally and Ralph are also in the area. Nacht is glad that the magical knights are stronger than expected. However suddenly Qliphoth's Summoning Tree is beginning to grow frighteningly fast and completely envelops the royal castle.

Night takes advantage of the merger with the demon Feliz and finds the place from which this growth comes. There's Morris, Yami, and William. The scientist magician used the power of Lolopechka to open the portal faster. This begins to open up and to end The first two very powerful devils appear. Black Clover Chapter 279 will officially be released on MangaPlus on Sunday, January 24th.

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