Chainsaw Man 2 has been among the most anticipated manga of 2022 and at the moment it has reached its peak also thanks to the anime adaptation, with studio MAPPA currently guiding us through the manga Denji's first stories.

Meanwhile, Fujimoto's manga continued with the second phase of the storyline centered on Mitaka and a new one with the final chapters New fan theory. The recent chapters of Chainsaw Man are dedicated to the narration of Asa, Yuko, who makes a pact with the Devil Justice and then uses those powers to kill companions. Of course, as is usually the case, a deal with a devil can also have dire repercussions for the people and loved ones involved. Unfortunately for Yuko, her head is severed from the rest of her body.

In the background we see aShadow that accurately represents a Chainsaw Devil. This is where new theories begin. In fact, Twitter user Denji Unleashed hints at an idea that's now bothering many readers: the strong doubt, clearly intended by the author, is whether that ominous shadow signifies Denji's presence on stage or a new Devil Chainsaw. Whoever took Yuko's head could be an imposter posing as Denji. In fact, the latter was shown in the previous chapter while sleeping next to his dogs.

While we haven't seen a devil in the past who could perfectly mimic Denji in chainsaw form, it wouldn't be a surprise to see a demonic being with unprecedented powers. Do you think a dangerous scammer is looming? In the meantime, we recommend reading our review of Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2.

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