Interrupting a manga's narrative to advance into the future is a fairly common practice in today's Japanese comic landscape. In addition, the readers of My hero academy They wished for a time skip multiple times, a wish Horikoshi only partially granted in chapter 357.

Although it is likely that towards the end of the manga there will be a time warp, even considering the story is narrated by Izuku Midoriya himself As revealed in the opening chapters, the author wanted to give readers a glimpse into the future of the Class 1-A heroes, using Number One Endeavor's monologue as a basis.

Getting up after injuries from direct confrontation with All For One, The Pro Hero begins to think about his mistakes, about his past, concluded that such mistakes, like those of his peers, should never fall on present and future generations, risking cutting their way off. To come to this conclusion Enji imagines the adult Shoto sonfrom behind as he approaches his companions, drawn into the background and now grown and dedicated to their heroic careers.

A significant and curious table that you can see in the @Valdezology post reported at the bottom of the page. Did you notice that important anticipation for the future of the protagonists? Tell us in the comments. Finally we leave you with the hypotheses about Chapter 358 My Hero Academia.

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