ONE PIECE is undoubtedly one of the most popular series in the world of Japanese animation, and given the popularity that Monkey D. Luffy and his companions have achieved, new collaborations are announced regularly, even with very important brands. The last concerns some very famous electronic games: the Tamagotchi.

From action figures of all kinds to prestigious collectible statues that also go through various gadgets and clothing items, straw hats and many other characters designed by them Eiichiro Oda have become ubiquitous on the market and this time the Mugiwara have decided to land on one of the most surprising product lines that was born in the second half of the 90s and that still today forms the basis of various video game productions.

ONE PIECE X Tamagotchi was presented by the beautiful and colorful video that you can find below, reported by @newworldartur on social media. In just fifteen seconds, the nine members of the crew are shown in their versions specially designed for this special partnership. It has been confirmed that ONE PIECE Tamagotchi will be available in November 2022 at a price of 65 dollars Americans everyone. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, we remember that Luffy, Kidd and Law received a collector's statue and we leave you with a female cosplay of Ace.

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