Cell at work! - work in the bodyThe manga that shows the human body through the eyes of a carefree red blood cell and a cold white blood cell is nearing its end. Here is when.

The work of Akane Shimizu published in Japan on the Shounen Sirius website. Started in 2015, tells the story of the adventures of an eritrocyte or a blood cell that is involved in the release of oxygen, but which is often lost when the most diverse functions of the human body are discovered. To protect it from the numerous pathogenic microorganisms that it encounters by chance, there will always be a leukocyte with a silent character.

Cells at Work has been suspended for the past 2 years, but publication resumed in October 2020. However, we soon learn that This return will be short-livedthe manga will actually end with Chapter 30. Issue 29 will be published shortly in the monthly on December 26, 2020, while the final volume of the work, the sixth, will be made available in February 2021.

Remember the manga is published in Italy by Star Comics and that received an animated adaptation that was distributed in our country by Yamato Video. Japan is currently awaiting the anime transposition of the spin-off cells at work on Code Black, a trailer of which has been provided.

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