The film Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in US cinemas and as a designer of Vigilante My Hero Academia wanted to pay homage to the protagonist with a new illustration. Let's see

The new film based on the adventures of the DC Comics superhero will be released in US cinemas on Christmas Day. As a sequel to the 2017 film, Diana Prince will be back in action in the new role Wonder woman and it seems that this time around it will be protected by new armor that can already be seen on the pages of Kingdom Come.

The adventure will take place long before the Justice League events, which I remember recently introduced some new members. It seems the woman is going to meet Steve Trevor again, the man she's interested in, however He will soon face Maxwell Lord and the feline villain Cheetah.

Court beds, Designer of the manga spin-off My Hero Academia, has decided to pay homage to film production Representation of the woman in her new aspect what is shown in the film. The image is visible in the tweet at the end of the news.

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I also remember seeing All For One back in action recently on the Vigilante My Hero Academia pages.

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