Black Clover is one of the most famous contemporary Shonen. After Mangaka Yuki Tabata's first series "Hungry Joker" was canceled by Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012, he returned to the same magazine two years later, this time with a medieval-themed fighting fantasy.

A significant change in the setting compared to his first work, which plays in modern times and with more scientific hues, and that in a way it is reminiscent of Berserk's. Obviously, Black Clover is a shonen and therefore doesn't maintain the same arguments and brutality, but Yuki Tabata has shown several times that she is very much into the work of the late Kentaro Miura.

In the tweet below, you can see the comparisons of some tables and signs, where you can see numerous Parallels between Black Clover and Berserk, with Yuki Tabata, who was inspired by numerous tables and ceilings of dark imaginations. From the pose of Asta on the cover with his sword to the similarity of characters like Grifis and William Vangeance or Farnese and Charlotte Roselei, but also Shilke and Dorothy Unsworth.

In short, it seems that Tabata wanted to try and rework his own berserker into a Shonen key. Tribute to Miura's work. The mangaka has left us, but his work with Berserk will remain shaped in present and future generations.

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