The special crunchyrolls dedicated to The God of High School continue, and a few days after episode 4 aired, the site released another interesting study. In fact, an interview was shared a few minutes ago Sunghoo Park, Director of the series, which has revealed many interesting backgrounds for this occasion.

The director first spoke about his relationship with the souls and the proposed card: “It was a series that definitely changed my life MacrossI watched her when I was in elementary school. During this time I decided to go the way of animation. I started studying art in high school and later went to university. Finally I decided to finish my studies abroad and flew to Japan. I worked a lot and in the end I was contacted by Otsuka-san, President of Studio Mappa, to run The God of High School“.

Park continued to talk about his way of working and the special animations of the series: “Martial arts tournament participants use dozens of different fighting styles, so I knew I should study them all. Since I didn’t have the time and budget, I decided on the most convenient solution, namely asking on YouTube. I studied the techniques and reproduced the movements by hand drawing the keyframes. To all of this, I’ve integrated my directional style, which involves a lot of movement from virtual cameras to convey a feeling of speed“.

The Crunchyroll reporter then asked the following questions: “Which part did you like to work on most? And which is the most difficult?“The director replied:”My favorite scenes were doubtful, in which the relationship between the three protagonists deepened. Mori, Daewi and Mira take part in the tournament for purely personal reasons, but it’s fantastic to see them grow as a group. The most complex part is represented by the action scenes. There are many, and at the beginning I remember that we even thought about reducing them. We knew that a lot of people would only follow the anime for the fights, so we didn’t end up trying to compromise“.

And what do you think about it? Do you enjoy the anime? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you take a look at our first impressions of The God of High School.

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