Attracted by the deception of the planet Cereal, Goku and Vegeta meet Granolah, the mysterious “strongest warrior in the universe”, who seeks revenge on the Saiyans and Freezers. The space tyrant, and with it the warrior race, are indeed responsible for the genocide of the cereals. Rage the fight in Dragonball Super!

To mark the release of Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super, V Jump, a monthly magazine from Shueisha, brought to life a great animated clip that highlights the highlights of the Clash between Granolah and Vegeta.

Since Son Goku is knocked out and still not at full strength, it is actually Vegeta who has to face the new antagonist. This time, the Saiyan prince intends to resolve the situation independently and prove himself stronger than his rival. Although Granolah managed to defeat Goku Ultra Instinct without too many problems, Vegeta attacks. What nobody knows, however, is that by strengthening in battle, Vegeta is achieving a new transformation thatUltra ego.

Apparently this new transformation, also the result of Beerus’ training, has unlimited power; the more Vegeta fights, the stronger he becomes. Terrified by this, Granolah initially suffers from the Saiyan’s anger. But if he also begins to get used to the enemy’s movements Granolah is getting stronger. The power of destruction challenges the strongest warrior in the universe: the clash between the two breaks out!

We leave you the release date and theories about Dragon Ball Super 76 and the final shape of the oracle fish in a fan-made illustration.

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