The bow of the attack on the kingdom of swords from Black clover gives the Silva family the chance to avenge a tragic event in the past. The absolute protagonist of this clash is Noelle, the sorceress of the Black Bull, who has always been considered unworthy of the royal blood that flows in her veins.

As we know, Noelle is considered to be the main culprit Death of his mother, the legendary Acier Silva. Because of this, she was always harassed by her older brothers Solid, Nebra, and Nozel. The latter, however, is aware of the truth: The matriarch of Silva did not die of childbirth, but of a curse triggered by the devil Megicula.

In Chapter 303 of Black Clover, Noelle finally gets the chance avenge his childhood tormented, as well as the death of her mother, which she never knew about. Accompanied by their brother Nozel, who has suddenly arrived on the battlefield, the Silva family demands vengeance.

The Commander of the Silver Eagle uses up all of his mana reserves and casts his strongest quicksilver spell. The blow shattered Megicula's body, ma the heart of the devil is intact. However, Noelle takes advantage of the situation to carry out the decisive attack with the Spirit Dive: Megicula's heart is pierced by her sword.

So Noelle and the Silva family have made it Pay bills with Megicula, responsible for the curse that hit Acier and Nozel. After Megicula and Vanica are defeated, the Magical Knights of the Clover Kingdom only need to defeat the last of the Zogratis brothers, Zenon. We leave you in the warm embrace that the Silva brothers receive.

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