The first season of the anime chainsaw man once again confirmed the success of Fujimoto's work, also thanks to the excellent quality of the work done by MAPPA. However, despite the completion of the first part of the series, this popularity does not seem to decrease, and fans continue to pay homage to the protagonists even in an original way.

In the Snow Festival in Sapporo Citya handful of enthusiasts have actually decided to create a beautiful and huge sculpture dedicated to one of the most relevant characters in the violent universe created by Fujimoto. Few He proved to be a great ally of Denji from the first pages of the manga, and as Devil Chainsaw it was thanks to him that the protagonist was able to survive a terrible attack and transform into the powerful Chainsaw Man.

To honor the little devil, some fans built the big snowman you can see in the picture below, looking adorable and total as always consistent with the original design seen in the manga and anime. An original and very beautiful tribute, but not unique during the event. In fact, other fans of famous series such as Dragonball, Pokemon and My Hero Academia have revived versions of Goku, Deku and some of the most famous pocket monsters.

What do you think of this sculpture dedicated to Pochita? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment below. Finally, we remind you that a fan revisited Chainsaw Man with a retro style and we leave you a double cosplay of Power and Makima.

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