In the main timeline of Dragon Ball Z, Goku and his companions have always won and when something goes wrong they always manage to fall back on the Dragon Balls. When the Terrans are not all right, the Namenk are equally powerful and useful. In this way, the universe is always at peace and the protagonists always win.

It's a shame that Not all timelines in Dragon Ball Z are like thisand one was shown to us in particular. Goku, who died of a heart disease that made resurrection with the Dragon Balls impossible, left his companions alone to fight the mighty C17 and C18 cyborgs. One by one they all died until only Gohan and Trunks, members of the younger generation, remained.

But even Gohan will eventually die to the anger of the two cyborgs, and the moment of his death triggered Trunk's transformation into Super Saiyan. A dark and sad moment of the Dragon Ball Z universe which also had a small following in that timeline that wasn't shown. Fenyo_n, a freelance artist and huge fan of the Toriyama world, posted fan art about Gohan of the Future that immediately made the rounds on the web.

Below we see the illustration in which Gohan's tortured body is resting on a bed Chi-Chi cries at the sight of her only son, who is now dead. At his side are Bulma, the bull wizard and an angry tribe. Undoubtedly, Dragon Ball's alternate timeline is much darker than the main timeline, thanks in part to the disappearance of the Dragon Balls.

While Fenyo is teaching you to draw Goku, have you ever imagined what Gohan of the future would look like with Ultra Instinct?

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