Have you ever woken up one morning to create the anime from scratch? ONE PIECE only to change your mind a few minutes later due to the immense number of episodes of the television series? If you do two quick calculations, you can roughly see how long it will take to restore the anime if you decide to give up sleep for a few days.

Aside from the irony, it's easy let 960 episodes intimidate youeven considering the next one is out in a couple of days, but if the unhealthy idea of ​​not getting back to sleep at night to restore the whole anime in a short amount of time flashes in your head, how many days would it take you the company to lock? To find the correct answer, just do some calculations with a small approximation.

The ONE PIECE anime is currently in the third act of the Wano saga and soon the TV colleague will also tell the deeds of Kozuki Oden. On average, an episode lasts 24 minutes, including the opening and the ending. If you choose not to skip the two songs, it will take around 23,000 minutes to complete the anime (or 384 hoursfor simplification). If sleeping at night without taking a break to go to the bathroom is not for you, It "only" takes 16 days to complete the task. We can actually lighten this figure further by removing a few minutes from the intro and the two closing and opening tracks, for a A total of only 320 hours or just over 13 days.

On the other hand, if you found it easier to skip just 8 hours of daily work instead of sleeping, you only need 1 month and a few weeks to reach the final episode of ONE PIECE, also taking into account the regular release of new episodes. If the available hours are even less, we only assume 3 hours per day, then you can catch up in just 4 months.

In any case, Recover the entire ONE PIECE anime in a few days is a laborious endeavor and is strongly not recommended as sleep is also necessary to understand the various nuances of the plot outlined by Eiichiro OdaHowever, with a lot of patience and regularity, it is possible to catch up in a few months while enjoying a rich and exciting story.

And you, how long did it take you to restore the entire ONE PIECE anime? Let us know with a comment below.

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