Since the beginning of Black cloverThe protagonist Asta and his rival Yuno were portrayed as orphans. In the care of Sister Lily they became magical knights. But the latest stories in the manga have started to change that state of the two boys.

Starting with Yuno, the mangaka Yuki Tabata revealed to us that the boy is a son of the nobility of the Kingdom of Swords. A shocking revelation that was also shared publicly with the other captains.

But now it seems to be It is the auction's turn to discover its origins. The protagonist of Black Clover faces the devil in his body thanks to a dark ritual evoked by night. When Asta tries to convince the devil not to attack him and not to fight, he lets himself go and reveals that he doesn't believe the devil is really bad like the others he meets.

This annoys the devil, who thinks back to a past occurrence where a woman with fair hair and a face similar to Asta appears to have said exactly the same thing. Because of this, the new theories on this last cartoon make us think so Black Clover just introduced Asta's mother. Will the hypothesis be confirmed in the next chapter?

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