On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Soborou, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?unveiled the cover of the eleventh compilation volume, which will be released in Japan on November 6th.

Soborou began to publish the manga in the magazine Weekly young magazine from the publisher Kodansha in April 2017. The publisher published the tenth compilation volume on May 7th. The manga has been on an indefinite hiatus since mid-August as the author's health worsened, who stated through an official publication that his health problems such as hearing loss and tendinitis worsened this year.

The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Tear Studio, Headed by Toshikatsu Tokoro and scripts written by Yuuki Takabayashi, published in April 2019.

Synopsis of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?

Ichiro Sato is a normal student ... aside from his incredible ability to meet creepy teacher Kana Kojima during embarrassing and socially dangerous moments! Ichiro will have to deal with these encounters in the most unexpected places. But at least it can't get any worse, can it ?!

© 蘇 募 ロ 著 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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