The series of battles that the protagonists of Black clover it could be nearing its epic conclusion in the final chapters. The intense confrontation between Noelle and Vanica has led to the emergence of one of the most powerful demons, but the final narrative implications in chapter 301, now on Manga Plus, could prove fundamental to victory.

Thanks to his timely intervention Asta managed to save Princess Lolopechawho remains helpless in his arms and is visually hit by the curses imposed by Megicula, who meanwhile continues to assert her superiority. The beginning of Chapter 301 entitled "Those feelings"It turns out to be quite problematic for the protagonists, as they don't seem to have the slightest hope of making it.

While Megicula mentally thinks through her plan to fully manifest herself and kills Lolopecha first and then Vanica Zogratis, the cursed runes disappear thanks to a charm from Charlotte. The demon seems astonished at the state in which the noblewoman finds herself, and above all he senses that her power is increasing. This is thanks to the Twilight Valhalla used by Rill, which increases the magical power of allies within its reach and above all gives them a temporary invulnerability that can also block death.

Megicula reflects the human potential when collaborating and decides to react bring back to life the dark students who were killed by her and Vanicato penetrate their bodies with demonic power. Asta realizes that he is useless without his Devil Union mode, but at that moment, when Noelle hears the protagonist's words, she realizes that she loves him very much.

Young Silva, led by the force coming from near Asta, is ready to return to the battlefield to kill Megicula, and in the final table activates the Ultimate Holy Rank.

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