The death of Kentaro Miura has shaken the world manga and anime community deeply, and between Mangaka who wanted to help remember a master of this caliber and publishers who have recognized the value of his work has been on Amazon in recent days America State is seeing incredible sales growth of Berserk.

While most fans continue to ponder the future of the series, which Miura's chief assistant has commented on, many readers who had never approached Gatsu's adventure have decided to embark on the long journey into spectacular and deadly darkness Fantasy universe created by the master. This started a race for Collector's Editions published by Dark Horse Comics in the USA, and which in a short time will no longer be available on the famous e-commerce website.

This dizzying growth was also an important milestone for Berserk, which has been earning for several days The first eight positions in the manga section, the first among the action and adventure manga, while the first volume of the deluxe version occupies the twentieth place among the best-selling books on the entire platform.

Recall that Miura may have already planned the end of Berserk, and we'll leave you our special dedicated to the memory of the master.

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