Jujutsu Kaisen has never shed light on blood and deathand to get the protagonists in trouble in every single situation. Everyone takes a risk in the world created by Gege Akutami, with the protagonists being forced to do their best in every situation.

One of the recently deceased was Principal Yaga, who left an important secret in the hands of another Jujutsu Kaisen character. But the manga didn't go easy either with Maki and Mai Zenin, the two twins who clashed with their clan and the protagonists of the last chapters of the manga. Maki joined her father in the dungeon and found a wounded Mai who had tried to help her sister. After defeating both of them, the father was ready to kill them, but Mai at the end of jujutsu Kaisen sacrificed 149 in favor of her twin triggered a transformation in Maki. The girl took out her cursed gun, cut off her father's skull cleanly and ended this fight.

The audience went crazy after reading this Chapters available on MangaPlus starting Sunday 23 Mayand leave their reactions on Twitter. Many have focused on Maki and Mai's relationship and their little mental talk and have definitely said goodbye to Mai. Others, however, enjoyed Maki's revenge in the cliffhanger Jujutsu Kaisen 149. And how did you take the events of the chapter?

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