After a few years of silence, the animated part of the Dragon Ball is about to return. With a leak, the return of Dragon Ball Super was confirmed with a film. Not an animated series based on the feature film about Broly, but a sequel to that film that tells another short story about the world that Akira Toriyama created decades ago.

But when the new Dragon Ball Super movie comes out? Let's recap what little has leaked so far to put the puzzle together. Initially, Toei Animation's announcement confirmed that the film would be released in 2022 with no ifs and buts. Once the year is set, it must be known in which month the release is scheduled. Given that the film was announced in the first few weeks of May, it is possible that production could elapse at least a year between its unveiling and showing in Japan, as was the case with Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Consequently, see the most credited hypotheses Dragon Ball Super 2022 will be released in late spring, summer, or fallThe latter already features the feature film about Broly. All of this is confirmed by a rumor emerging from Toei Animation's financial report that Dragon Ball Super 2022 will come out from the second quarter, between April and December.

Is a new date possible in December? Of course, but a screening in Japan for July 2022 cannot be ruled out, considering that in the past many films from the Dragon Ball series were shown directly in the summer month. In summary it is Possibly a release between May and July or December 2022 for Dragon Ball Super.

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