It had been known for several months that Yamato, the character introduced by Eiichiro Oda specifically during the Onigashima phase, had a devil fruit. Kaido's daughter, believed to be the new Oden Kozuki, had already bitten her sharp teeth against Sasaki. without its bestial form in ONE PIECE. really to reveal.

It was only in the final chapters, during the confrontation with his father on the dome of Onigashima, that Yamato revealed his true form. Like the other pirates of the hundred beasts she also has a zoo zoo devil fruit, but only in chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE, which was published a few days ago on MangaPlus his name was officially announced.

As Kaido explains The devil fruit in Yamato's possession is the Zoo Fruit Mythological Zoo Model Inu Inu: Ookuchi no Makami. It literally means "wolf with a wide mouth," but Oda read the kanji of his name twice. In fact, the word "wolf" can also be read as "True Divinity", a clear reference to the Japanese gray wolf, an animal that is now extinct but is still dear to the hearts of the Japanese who consider it a deity.

Even in ONE PIECE, the animal is a guardian spirit, this time by Wano, which is unsurprisingly inspired by the Japanese world. It remains to be seen correctly with its full force in the following chapters of the manga.

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