As is so often the case, when there is important news for his works and consequences for their animated transpositions as well, the mangaka Hiro Mashima has decided to share a beautiful and sensual sketch with his community to celebrate the debut of the character of Witch Regret in the seventh episode of EDENS ZERO.

In fact, Mashima, one of the most active manga writers on social networks and with the aim of building a deeper relationship with her readers, created a very special drawing for the robot Witch Regret, also known as the Shield of Edenand a member of the Four Bright Stars, machines of incredible craftsmanship created by the Demon King Ziggy before he gave up the power to elevate Shiki to Granbell.

First appearing in the Witch Regret anime, as he did for Elsie Crimson, Mashima wanted to honor the character with the sketch that you can see in the post given below. Use the green that distinguishes the zookeeper's hair as the only colorand navigator of the EDENS ZERO. What do you think of this beautiful tribute to Master Mashima? Let us know with a comment below.

Keep in mind that the anime has added new cast members, and we'll leave you on the first opening of Shiki and Rebecca's adventure.

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