Tears and blood, this is shed every day by fans of the Kentaro Miura manga when they find Berserk taking a break again. To have so many fans around the world, it means the comic has given impressive and memorable narrative arcs.

The manga has been published for several years: work on Young Animal has been ongoing since 1989. Considering the time that has passed remember all of the berserk storylines? Let's rediscover them one by one from the start.

The The first story arc published in Berserk is called "Black Knight".. It is the introductory arc par excellence in which Kentaro Miura introduces us to his dark world and its protagonists: the bloodthirsty Guts and the Elven Puck who meet in the first chapter. From here begins a journey into the deepest darkness.

The second story arc was a very long flashback, the bow of "The Golden Age". Even today it is famous for being the prettiest Berserk bow, if not the prettiest in the manga world. From the birth of Guts to the betrayal of Griffith, he's at the heart of the story and that's what made the characters as we know them today.

Then followed the bow of "captivity", chronologically after that of the Black Knight. Once the retrospective is archived, we return to today's world and Guts' adventure begins to take on today's connotations. The The penultimate story arc is "The Millennial Falcon"., divided into two main phases, the Holy Dark War phase and the Falconia phase. On the one hand we see the protagonist who begins to surround himself with companions, on the other hand there is Griffith who returns in human form and begins his march to conquer his kingdom.

Finally there is the current saga "Fantasia", still in progress and which could end soon. Perhaps one of the most abused arches in Berserk, it saw the characters on a sea voyage to reach the Isle of the Elves. And who knows if Kentaro Miura won't bring us the Guts and Griffith conflict that will end the job in the next few years.

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