One of the first characters to appear in the new Dragon Ball cycle is Beerus. After the god of the earth, Kaioh and Kaiohshin, Akira Toriyama brought forth new universal beings by switching to angels and gods of destruction. The path from Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods and then led to Dragon Ball Super introduced us to Beerus.

Uncomfortable, moody and conceited as well as extremely powerful, Beerus is the god of the destruction of the universe 7who is the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super. Like his colleagues, he looks like an animal, in this case a cat. She then wears light-colored clothing inspired by ancient Egypt that contrasts with her purple skin. In terms of strength, he is one of the most powerful units, although according to Toriyama he will play with Goku. In the meantime, Beerus is teaching Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Super Manga.

In reality, we have seen him embodied many times by various cosplayers who have reproduced his feline and purple body. In the past few weeks, however, a cosplayer has popped up who posted some photos with the god of destruction, the Dragon Ball super-woman, on her Instagram page. Below you can see the photos of the Beerus Cosplay from Azura.

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