My Hero Academia recently released some shocking chapters. Kohei Horikoshi surprised readers in several ways and now we're dealing with one Deku renewed.

The last arc of My Hero Academia started some time ago and sees a Deku almost all alone. After putting Muscular in jail and making other rounds of the cities, the protagonist hooked up with All Might. However, it keeps moving continuously to stay away from enemy radar and not be found.

in the meantime My Hero Academia 311 shows us what the other heroes are doing. Endeavor blocks some villains who have armored themselves with Detnerat items. After defeating the gang, he turns them over to the police, but nearby civilians confirm their hatred of the burning hero by throwing objects at him. It seems that the top heroes are now very isolated from the rest of society and organizations.

Best Jeanist, Hawks and Endeavor move together Edgeshot examines the bizarre liberation front. Hawks and the others talk about the state of All for One and what it takes to take control of One for All. So it seems that the super villain won't take his step until he takes full possession of Tomura Shigaraki's body. Suddenly, a beep from the computer alerts Best Jeanist. In his car, All Might watches the radar with Deku's signal, but even here a beep suddenly makes the signal disappear. And suddenly, A bomb hits the former hero's car. We don't know what state All Might is in now.

In another area, Deku got stuck with a shotgun shot that almost missed him. However, the attack was controlled: some distance away, one of the villains escaped from Tartarus who has a quirk that turns it into a sniper rifle. The woman advises Deku to surrender, while the protagonist of My Hero Academia realizes that someone has finally arrived on the orders of All for One.

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