Yamato Video promised us it, and it was: Starting today, you can find all seasons of on Amazon Prime Video Haikyu! - The ace of volleyball.

A few weeks ago the arrival of the missing episodes of haikyu was announced! - The ace of volleyball on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform that featured the last few seasons of the anime, and today they finally made their debut.

Consisting of 4 seasons all composed of 25 episodes (with the exception of the third, which instead counts 10 + 2 OAV), the anime, which was taken from the very popular narrator by Haruichi Furudate, is now complete, at least with regard to the seasons already produced on the streaming service.

Opera fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fifth season continues to bring the adventures of Hinata Shōyo and her companions to screen, but the announcement seems to be slow to come despite the product's huge popularity.

Meanwhile on the paper front Star Comics has announced the release of the latest volume in the Haikyu manga!that ends with issue 45 arriving in July.

Whether you are a longtime fan or not, thanks now Amazon Prime Video You only need one click to dive headfirst into the world of volleyball together with the memorable protagonists of Haikyu!

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