Kohei Horikoshi has been deciding on the end of My Hero Academia for some time. Deku therefore had a predetermined conclusion from the earliest stages of pregnancy and is now in the process of achieving it. Yes, because the author has announced for some time that the The story has entered its final phase and that won't be missing much at the end of serialization.

It has been over a year since Kohei Horikoshi confirmed this situation and now it seems so Very little is missing from the end of My Hero Academia, since the last war has already begun and all the battles have been decided, with the characters almost all in place. As the serialization of Weekly Shonen Jump continues, so too does the tankobon release, with My Hero Academia 34 featuring Star and Stripe just debuting on shelves in Japan.

A joint comment on this volume leaves no doubt about the situation: the end is near. "I can finally see the finish line. It's a really weird feeling to get to this point. I used to just draw with no regard for the future, but now I'm wondering how many more times I'll draw these characters? Change is scary as the years go by. Well, I shouldn't petrify about it! See you in the next volume!”

That Horikoshi's comment on the situation at My Hero Academia is clear, the manga is very close. Soon it will be time to say goodbye to Deku and all the other heroes who have fought for almost a decade.

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