THAT Naruto Ninja they are about to return. The anime has been available for years, but only in the last few days has it made its debut on Amazon Prime Video thanks to the Anime Generation channel. A way for all fans of Masashi Kishimoto's story to continue viewing and re-enjoy the scenes that made history.

Team 7 has experienced many of these epic situations, which in the anime are accompanied by the Japanese music performed by Toshiro Masuda, who was later replaced by Yasuharu Takanashi at the beginning of Naruto: Shippuden. In both series, the protagonist Naruto managed to shine, but he wasn't the only one. You also have to give a lot of credit to your comrades Sakura Haruno, who certainly wasn't the most popular girl in fandom.

The girl finally blossomed in Naruto: Shippuden, although signs of her transformation were already felt during the Chunin Tournament clash against Ino Yamanaka and the boys of Sound Village in the Forest of Death. Cosplayer MariAisu pays homage to Sasuke's future wife Sakura Haruno cosplay between the cherry blossom petalsor those flowers from which it takes its name and hair color.

And we see Sakura becoming Yor in this fan art that unites Naruto with Spy x Family.

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