Last April, the drummer of the Japanese music band ALI was arrested for fraud, and today The group has decided to take an indefinite break. The announcement came a few hours ago with a press release posted on the band's official website.

ALI, short for Alien Liberty International, is a Japanese band that has become very popular in the past two years and has composed several anime themes. The group's success can be attributed to the grand opening of Beastars, but in recent months the band has had thanks to the exceptional reception by the final theme of Jujutsu Kaisen, Lost in paradise.

On March 3, group drummer Kadio Shirai pretended to be a government official and convinced an elderly Japanese woman to deposit about 2.31 million yen (about € 17,000) into her bank account and promised a reimbursement of medical expenses. A month later, the police managed to track down the musician's nameappearing in court in the coming months responding to a serious fraud allegation.

The band decided to cancel their upcoming tour and Square Enix took action Replacing the opening of The World Ends With You, the group's newest creation. Some songs, including the Lost in Paradise mentioned above, have been removed from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. It has been confirmed that drummer Kadio Shirai will no longer be part of the collective even if the group decides to return to the scene.

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