In recent years, many manga have started on Weekly Shonen Jump. The most famous manga magazine in the world could count on the creative vein of beginner mangaka, including Hajime Komoto. In a setting very reminiscent of Harry Potter but heavily blended with One-Punch Man, Mashle managed to feel his weight.

Mashle has been nominated for many awards over the years, with the young Mash Burnedead who had to make his way into the world of magic, which evokes exhilaration but also a sense of inclusion. Author Hajime Komoto's plans seemed very concrete with Volume 7, but suddenly the author seemed to have changed his mind with Volume 10, in a comment saying he was "joking".

With the release of Volume 11 of Mashle, the mangaka is changing the cards again. The commentary in this tankobon just released in the homeland is very clear: Mashle entered the last arch, so the chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump will soon lead to the conclusion of the story. At this point, the author's first statement that the series is about halfway through the story should be taken for granted. It would therefore not be seen as an unexpected event Mashle ends between Volume 14 and Volume 18as the final battle is clearly in sight.

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