Via Twitter, the publisher's renowned editor Shueisha and the website Shonen Jump Plus, Shihei linwho is currently working for like Chainsaw man, SPY x FAMILY, HEART GEARpublished, among other things, a paper commenting on the effects of the magazine's leaks Weekly shonen jump::

""We would be very grateful if you didn't post any leaks (post content on Twitter before the official release date). We would be delighted if you did not publish the content and information of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine until the official launch date. Of course, it's up to you to do so, but an important festival is just around the corner and the intent is to celebrate it in full with our readers. I hope you take it into account!".

""You seem to have asked, “What do I do if I received the magazine legally before the launch date? For example, in what is called the "early date" »So I'll answer it. It turns out that in some areas the magazines are being sold before the official distribution date due to planning issues. Still, I will appreciate that you will not republish the content until it is officially published".

It's not the first time this has been mentioned. The leaks were warned that the writers are missing out on the opportunity to surprise their readers on their scheduled dates, reduce the impact of revelations of upcoming manga episodes, and significantly change event planning. In this case, it was assumed that on December 14th the production decision of the animated adaptation of Chainsaw manHowever, along with the decision to write a second part, this has already been leaked.

While most believe that this is largely the fault of the Shueisha publisher itself, which publishes the magazine in various sectors of Japan prior to its official date, the situation eventually ends as a "moral" choice for readers, according to the editor they should post the content after the official date. However, since morality is a human factor, it is impossible to control it.

Source: Official Twitter account


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