Earlier this year Marvel Comics had informed fans that after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by the Walt Disney Company, they had obtained the rights to the film series Alien. After some of the franchise's legendary stories were re-released, the new title's release date was finally announced.

The first volume in modern history is dedicated to Alien will be published in March 2021and is written by Phillip Kennedy Johson and drawn by Salvador Larroca. Marvel Comics has also confirmed that the comic pages will feature both characters that fans will recognize and new faces that have never been seen before.

Here is the official summary: "The new story will follow the adventures of a Weyland Yutani mercenary, Gabriel Cruzwho has to face a new variant of Xenomorphs and at the same time ensures the survival of his son. " The presentation then underlined how he was chosen to write Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Author who recently signed the terrifying series Marvel Zombies: Resurrection.

Johnson himself said: “As if I was a reader and a fan, I was just as excited as many when I heard the franchise was coming to Marvel, and when they asked me to start the story I was shocked. I've been preparing for this job all my life, without knowing it. Since seeing Ridley Scott's alien at too young an age, I've been obsessed with Xenomorphs, the only and most iconic portrayal of terror in film. "

The artist Larroca instead he commented: “Drawing this story was like a dream come true, and I'm very honored to be part of this series! Alien has been one of my favorite sci-fi horror works since I was young, and I never expected the ability to draw it. Alien is a point of reference for a whole generation of artistsand I take great pride in illustrating this series. Hope readers like how much I enjoyed drawing it. The story of Phillip is sure to please fans of this fantastic franchise! "

Recall that a new devastating villain has emerged in King in Black and we leave you to announce the cancellation of many Marvel series.

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