Tomb Raider is a historical video game that was also adapted for some American films in theaters. In one of these versions Lara Croft was played by the sexy Angelina Jolie. After a few sly years, the brand returned with Tomb Raider in 2013, followed by two more video games.

The archaeologist picks up these new video games from scratch Grave robbersGiven the heroine's renewed popularity, it was only a matter of time for Lara Croft to show up in a fan cosplay. There are many viable versions of the Tomb Raider protagonist, ed Enji Night offers us two.

On his Instagram page, Enji Night shares a series of photos that focus on the subject Lara Croft Cosplay and as you can see there is a version with a brown top, short and dark shorts, flanked by another with lighter colored shorts and a light blue sleeveless sweater. There are also many other differences in the two outfits, such as part of the hairstyle, suspenders and pockets for carrying weapons and other essentials. In the photos below we can also observe the beauty of each version at their best with the cosplayer.

Which of these two versions of Lara Croft prefer in this cosplay, do you prefer?

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My Lara plays next to each other. Which is your favorite 😁 I've done 2 versions so far and as always, I'm very tempted to do more. I've been thinking about the new remake version or Legend. 🤔

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