Sword art onlineDespite the name, it doesn't just focus on the game of the same name. Although Kirito and Asuna's adventure began with this VRMMORPG, which they first got to know through a great friendship and then a little more, the duo then switched to other video games with a similar concept.

As a result, we saw the duo at work with so many different weapons and so many sheer outfits that reflect their current power or the qualities they have gained in Sword Art Online and other video games. At his first appearance, the avatar maintains the asuna aspect of real life but to furnish her with a more imaginative dress, consisting of a long white sleeveless dress with red details, gloves and stockings in the same colors and of course there is no shortage of a sword to fight.

The Russian cosplayer MK Ays, who we recently showed you with her C18 cosplay from Dragon Ball, has decided to play the female lead of Sword Art Online with the same costume that was shown in the first video game that she and Kirito showed have played. This resulted in over 30,000 likes Asuna Yuuki Cosplay with SAO dress, shows a lot of solidarity with the character and its interpretations.

However, this is not surprising as SAO is the best-selling light novel series in the world.

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