The planet Grain was the scene of several battles on the occasion of the arrival of the Freezer army, which included the Saiyans. Archived the fight between Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta Ultra Ego, begins the story of Monaito that leads us to Discovery of the past of the new environment in Dragon Ball Super.

The first official spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 77 already revealed the beginning of the attack 40 years ago, with the first 8 pages ending with a look from Bardak. However, they have been leaked online new spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 77 in view of the release that will take place on MangaPlus in a few days.

Bardak observes the Cerelean child hiding in a church and finds the young Granolah and his mother watching them from the roof. The giant monkey frightens Granolah so much that he passes out. Meanwhile, a cerelean in the fight notices that the Saiyajins have transformed thanks to the moonlight and for this reason charges all his strength to destroy it. However, one of the monkey warriors notices this and tries to fight him off, pulling a wound on his forehead. The attack still succeeds, however, and then the Saiyans return to their natural state. Leek, the Saiyan who received the wound on his forehead, speaks to Saiyan Taro.

We then return to the church where Bardak returned to his human form, entered and found Granolah's mother. The latter concentrates her ki and attacks the Saiyan, injuring his shoulder. But Bardak does nothing He remembers a discussion he had with Gine shortly before. The woman had asked her husband to watch her newborn son in the incubator, as his departure could have taken him away for weeks. While Raditz is playing with some insects in the yard, Bardak goes to the back incubator where little Goku is. Bardak decides to give him the Gine accepted name of Kakarotto, and then we return to the present.

Leek warns Bardak in front of the church that they have to leave quickly because Freezer is coming. However, Goku's father says he wants to check first that there are no survivors. With his scouter, he identifies a weak but intelligent person and goes there, followed by Granolah's mother. This character is Monaito, who hid the two Dragon Balls obtained. Bardak enters the house and, after avoiding an attack by Monaito, brings in Granolah's mother with the unconscious child. Bardak warns the Namekkian and Granolah's mother Muesli to go into hiding, as Freezer will be arriving shortly. The Saiyan admits that he did everything on a whim just to go and leave the two cereleans and the Namekkian safe.

We then return to Gift from Dragon Ball Super 77 Monaito ends his story and asks Goku if he has a relationship with this Bardak. The protagonist admits he doesn't know much about Saiyans, while Vegeta warns him it's his father's name. However, Granolah is still furious and asks Monaito why her mother couldn't survive. The Namekkian thus picks up the story and returns to the moment when Bardak was about to leave. Monaito stops him from tending to his arm while Bardak is surprised. The Saiyan leaves but identifies four nearby characters with the Scouter and remains hidden: They are the four Heeter brothers. The four discuss the price of the planet while Freeza's spaceship departs and talk about selling it to the Sugarians.

However, Granolah wakes up and leaves the house in search of his mother when he notices Bardak's tail in the trees. This alarms him and yells "Saiyan", which alarms the Heeters. Monaito knocks the boy down with one blow, causing Bardak to come out of the closet with the Heeters to try to save the trio. However, the discussion does not go as planned and Elec injures Muesli and begins a brief confrontation with the Saiyan. Bardak can escape with the three, but Monaito cannot cure Granolah's mother because of the injury. The Heeter brothers set out to greet Freezer and then return to the present on deck of their ship. The group is heading for sphere number two, Complete chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super.

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