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Episode 9: Things are cheered during the sleepover ...

Hamehura Chapter Nine begins with a lively Katarina telling Anne that she has passed all of her exams so she won't repeat a year. While Katarina organizes a pajama party with her friends, Anne reflects on the affection that everyone feels for her young lady, the same affection that she experiences because she will never forget the way that girl saved her years ago. In addition to the pajama party, Katarina organizes a gathering to celebrate the harvest, a gathering that more than one of her guests misunderstood. Things seem to be going well now, however a plot twist is looming, the trial for Katarina's misdeeds has been announced, what has Bakarina done?

© 山口 悟 ・ 一 迅 社 / は め ふ ら 製作 委員会

With a sincere heart

At this point it is no mystery to anyone that the charm of Bakarina has made more than one surrender to her, but to be honest this is not something free, it is not as simple as that they are only hopelessly attracted to it, as we have been able to Observe before, including the PoV of all the characters, Katarina is someone of great importance in the life of each one because I help everyone to reconcile with their frustrations and weaknesses. At the time we have dedicated a paragraph to each situation, and this time it is the turn of Anne, the servant girl who stands by Katarina's side and who we now know with certainty that, like the rest, she sees her with big loving eyes, Although from what they let us see it seems to be a more prudent and measured affection compared to the rest.

Anne also has ties to the nobility, but being an illegitimate daughter she was never treated in the best way, she was always a tool for those around her and under those shadows she grew up without being able to express her wishes, but all this changed When Katarina, or rather Bakarina, entered her life, dragged by the madness of her young lady, Anne learned to enjoy and express herself, Bakarina gave her that opportunity.

It's nice to see that the usual Bakarina was indeed the first to step forward to avoid Anne having to sacrifice herself for a marriage she didn't want, and even today she is the first to step forward. careful not to press on that issue and careful that others do not. Bakarina can be blind to many feelings, but she knows how to be considerate, more reasons for everyone to love her.

Future plans

And speaking of everyone's love, it's amazing how heavy to everyone's obvious feelings and future plans, Bakarina is not aware none of this, and boy is it obvious to everyone, Anne herself is the one who she lists these situations, which are not always comfortable for her to witness. Even if being fair, Katarina is more concerned with her survival than for pay attention to something else, painfully obvious as it is. But leaving Aside from this, I think the harem itself also has its difficulties in planning and being so terribly ignored.

Among all future plans there seems to be some more dangerous than others, I start to fear for Mary's mental health, she continues with her plans and despite the effort is olympically ignored, the wonderful idea of ​​escaping with Katarina to another country and living together does not seem that it will advance to a good end. Then we have Geordo, who is doing everything possible to avoid the breakup of the commitment, although his mother-in-law and brother-in-law do their best to boycott him and the Katarina herself make her movements to undo it. Keith is in a situation painful, although being his brother makes them spend a lot of time together has also fact that Katarina do not see him as a man. Maria is in a very neutral zone of In fact, I would say that strategically he has the most advantage, those sweets have become made its way to the heart and stomach of Bakarina.

As for the Ascart brothers, well they are a very unique case, on the one hand we have Nicol who seems somewhat resigned to see Katarina from afar, but that does not prevent her from wishing to be with him side, as we saw in the last chapter. And we also have sweet Sophia, she seems more willing to befriend Katarina and lead her affection for her brother, I don't know if that makes her a little silly or extremely sweet, perhaps the first, after all she longs for romance of a novel and it is still not clear what genre that novel is. Deep down I think that unconsciously my support goes to these characters, the Ascart brothers should be the ones stay with Katarina.

Final comment

Hamehura Chapter nine has been a fun and moving episode, with this chapter we were able to witness another side of our protagonist, knowing her past with Anne makes us see her through a new light, because not everything is misleading, she can also be considered and therefore it is clear why she is so loved. Katarina has really changed the lives of everyone around her, and she has done it for good. Anne's evolution is amazing, because Bakarina's love and mischief led her to express her feelings, made her human, we have seen this kind of changes in all her harem that are now more free to follow her wishes and express her ideas . Although the case of Sophia worries me a little, it awoke some oddities, her taste for Yuri and Yaoi I don't think is entirely a positive thing.

Before I close this I'll just say I laughed too much with the scene of the "harvest festival", that Bakarina did apply to everybody. Geordo's hopes were cruelly crushed, but the face more Full of disappointment it certainly is Mary's. Considering this situation I don't it seems so crazy what happened in the next trial of Bakarina, I think I will laugh a lot with the defenses that will be given.

Anyway this time we are closing this review here, tell me: What did you think of this episode? What is your opinion of Anne's past and her relationship with Bakarina? What kinds of accusations will they bring to Bakarina's trial? Among all the harem and their plans, which one do you like the most? I already said that of the Ascart brothers.


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