Spiderman He leaps from skyscraper to skyscraper in his red and blue costume, which has always retained those colors over the years despite some design variations. The suit has become a cornerstone of comic book culture, and every criminal in history is already fearing a foregone conclusion when they see these colors fluttering overhead.

As is well known, Peter Parker did not always wear the same costume under very special circumstances. For a while, Spider-Man had contact with a being from outer space, the symbiote, a type of black slime capable of taking control of a creature, modifying its emotions and physical abilities. The Spider-Man in Black born in those moments was very different from the classic one and because of this Peter removed the creature which then led to the creation of Venom.

Also thanks to the Spider-Man 3 movie, this version of Spider-Man is still very popular. Cosplayer Hendo decided to create one Female Spider-Man cosplay with the Symbiote suitthen completely black and with the white spider logo on the torso in a significantly larger version than usual.

Meanwhile, the Ragnoverso ends, closing some versions of the Wall Climber.

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