Through his official social media Star Comics presented the upcoming titles in the third week of September 2022. The schedule includes the release of highly anticipated titles, including a new debut.

Star Comics releases in the first half of September include In the Clear Moonlit Dusk by Mika Yamamori and Soloist in a Cage by Shiro Moriya. However, these won't be the only debuts of the month. The first volume of the To you who know the blue sky - their blue sky. In October, however, Star Comics brings three big news to Lucca Comics & Games 2022.

Based on Mari Okada's 2019 animated film and directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, the four-volume manga tells a story melancholic love story and an indissoluble link between past and present. The miniseries, directed by Cho Heiwa Busters and Yaeko Ninagawa, follows the story of Aoi Aioi, a 17-year-old who, with no concern for the future, spends his days playing bass. One day, while playing, he meets Shinno, his sister's ex-boyfriend, who hasn't been heard from for a long time.

Here the continuous series for the third week of the month:

  • children of whales n. 20;
  • Detective Conan New Edition n. 26;
  • Dragon Ball Ultimate Edition n. 5;
  • Make yourself hate - Kirai de Isasete n. 3;
  • LOW n. 5;
  • ONE PIECE New Edition n. 95;
  • Recording of Ragnarok #11;
  • Saint Tail New Edition n. 4;
  • sanctuary n. 2;
  • Redhead Shirayuki #18.

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