During the Whole Cake Island saga, ONE PIECE introduced us to Empress Big Mom and her entire crew. Or rather, her family: the Empress actually only trusts her relatives and for that she had many children. Among these there are pudding, an important element of the final sheet of ONE PIECE.

To get a grip on the Vinsmoke family's technology, Big Mom orchestrated a plan to lure the Germa 66 into his castle. The high point was the marriage between Sanji and Pudding, by which the Vinsmoke family would join the Empress's crew. Nothing went according to plan, for either Big Mom or Jajji, all because of Luffy's intervention. Saying goodbye to Whole Cake Island then forced Sanji to part with Pudding, who gave him a kiss that he then removed from the cook's memory.

All of these scenes show the The pudding-sanji couple turned from a cosplay what you can see below. In the post from the Instagram account of the cosplayer Freya there are three photos in which we see this version of pudding and Sanji together, between comic effects and romantic gestures. Could be We will see this couple again at the end of ONE PIECEonce reached Sanji Laugh Tale.

The chef was also the protagonist of a couple cosplay with his rival Zoro, while Sammys decided to wear a cosplay of Sanji with all of his cooking skills alone.

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