The Mugiwara have expanded over time and welcomed a wide variety of members into their ranks with the saddest and most touching stories. The protagonists of ONE PIECE they became ten in the course of the various sagas conceived by Eiichiro Oda. At the end of Alabasta there was a basic insertion for the manga's plot.

Archaeologist Nico Robin, a former member of Baroque Works, joins Luffy's group with a little suspicion but is ultimately conquered by everyone during the epic Enie's lobbying saga. A long way, but one that consolidates the role of women in the group of protagonists of ONE PIECE. To date, Nico Robin is one of the most important characters in the manga being the only one in the world to have been able to read the Poignee Griffes and find the way to Laugh Tale.

Despite her scientific knowledge, the woman certainly does not hold back in the fights. In the two years of timeskip she has improved and strengthened and shown new skills. Its beauty has also been consolidated, reproduced in Nico Robin Cosplay by Vampybitme. In the photo below, inspired by fan art by the ONE PIECE archaeologist, the model recreates the figure in one of her most famous clothes.

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